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Last Modified: 2005.04.19

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The State of Prograph/CPX

Prograph is no longer being produced. At one time there was a windows version and macintosh version of the product. Those version were used to produce these products. As of today there is one company using CPX (Windows Version) on a daily basis to maintain commercial products, there is a company that has created a modern version a CPX like launguage/ODE that runs on MacOSX and there is an open source effort(s).

There only 2 products currently being maintained and developed with the CPX/Windows -

Tritera Incorporated
What is significant about the development of this product is the range of technology used implement the application - UI, plotting, integration algorithms (runge-kutta, adams-moulton, ...), DSP algorithms are all implemented in pure CPX. There are some PCT interfaces. For example, a COM interface to an XCEED Soft Cryptography library written in C and integrated using PCT, and a C wrapper around Dundas TCP/IP DLL. Those are just some the technical highlites. Interestingly enough - CPX/Win is still useful.

An integrated set of applications for Dication/Transcription and an ASP version of the product is all written in CPX with a host of PCT interfaces to various DLL libs form the basis for this application. Some of the PCT interfaces include - XceedZip, XceedCrypto, Dialogic, MySQL, XercesXML.

Marten by Andescotia
This is a MacOSX implementation of Prograph/CPX. I think its pretty awesome.

The Open Prograph Initiative
This is a set of open source efforts to create Prograph/CPX. There are various approaches, on various platforms. The community is hoping that any/all of the efforts succeed.


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