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Welcome to BuildSim User''s Guide.
This user''s guide is designed to help you as you use BuildSim. The application is linked to this help website. Whenever you click the "Help" menu item in BuildSim, the application will open this html based help web site taking you to the appropriate help page. You can then drill down and get more information for the topic you are trying to get some help on. One thing to note is that if you tamper with the help files in the help directory you''ll probably make the help system unusable. So don''t mess around with those files.. K :)

What is BuildSim?
BuildSim is a high-performance block diagram based interactive software application for scientific and engineering simulation. BuildSim integrates block diagram based simulation with data plotting, data analysis tools and automatic code generation in an easy-to-use environment where relatively complex simulations can be built and tested - without traditional programming.

BuildSim comes with an extensive library of building blocks for creating simulations. These building blocks are called "BuildBlocks". The are connected together to form simulations. They can be organized in a hierarchical fashion. Simulation, data collection, code generation, plotting and analysis tools are all integrated into the application.

Who can use BuildSim?
BuildSim was designed for engineeirng students, practicing engineers and scientists. Its primary purpose is to provide a fast and easy way to quickly build and execute simulations without all the pain and suffering of using a "Programming Language" (C, C++, Java, C#, FORTRAN, etc).