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Simulation with BuildSim

The Simulation Control Window is used to start, stop and pause a simulation. It is also used to select the simulation integration algorithm, start time, end time and delta-time step. The Simulation Control Window is opened from the Simulation Menu.

BuildSim provides 6 non-realtime simulation algorithms:

  •   Runge-Kutta 4th Order
  •  Adams-Moulton 2nd Order
  •  Adams-Moulton 3rd Order
  •  Adams-Moulton 4th Order
  •  Adams-Bashforth
  •  Euler

Simulation data is collected by the SimHistory block. The SimHistory block maintains a simple database of simulation data. Each simulation data set is called a "SimRun" and is date/time tagged . The SimRun Window is available through the Edit Block Window when editing a SimHistory Block.

When a new SimRun is created it becomes the current SimRun and the new data is then availble to be plotted in the PlotWindow.