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Plotting In BuildSim

The data for creating plots comes from a SimHistory block in the simulation. SimHistory blocks collect the data "connected" to it. The Getting Started example shows a SimHistory block in use.

The data collected by a SimHistory block are listed in the "X Axis" and "Y Axis" scrolling lists in the Plot Window. Plots are created by selecting one item in the X Axis list and the Y Axis list and then clicking the "Plot" command in the "Commands" pop-up menu. When the plot is created it is automatically given a name (which can be changed by the user).

The given name is of the form "Y Axis name .vs. X Axis name". The new plot name is added to the "Plots List" pop-up menu, which can be used to quickly view the existing plots.

The color setup for the plot - grid color, plot pen color, background color are setup in the Plot Preferences.