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BuildSim Analysis Tools

BuildSim provides a basic set of data analysis tools. The tools are designed to work with the data in the Plot Window - which relies on the data collected by the SimHistory block. A typical scenario runs like this:

  • Create a model of the system by inserting and connecting a series of BuildBlocks.
  • Run a simulation of the model - defining a start time, end time and an integration algorithm for the simulation using Sim Control window.
  • Plot results using the Plot Window.
  • Do Analysis on the plotted data.

An overview of the data analysis process is shown in the next figure. The analysis flow begins with a plot which is selected in the Plot Window. When a plot is created (either from plotting raw data or from an analysis result) it is automatically added to the Project and can be selected from the Plot window itself. The Analysis menu is then used to selected a particular analysis function. If the result of an analysis creates a plot , then it will appear in the plot window.


Typical Data Analysis Process

Forward FFT

Calculates Fast Fourier Transform on plotted data. Returns 2 plots - the "real'' and "imaginary" transform results.

Inverse FFT

Calculates Inverse FFT. Creates a plot.

Power Spectrum

Calculates the Power Spectrum of the plotted data. Creates a single plot of the spectrum.

Apply Window Function

Applies a weighted function to each sample in the plot. Creates a plot.

Decimate By 2

Removes every other sample in the plot and creates a new plot of the remaining data samples.


Calculates the average value of the data in the plot and removes that value from each value in the plot. Creates a new plot of the modified data.

Forward Difference

Calculates the forward difference of the data in the plot. Creates a new plot..

Smooth Data

Applies a first order low pass filter to the data in the plot and create a new plot of the smoothed data. The frequency of the low pass filter is defined by the user.

Data Statistics

Calculates several typical statistical values for the plotted data and provides the results in a window.