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Development Projects
Tritera Incorporated has had several contracted projects.These projects developing commercial and industrial solutions have been across a broad spectrum of markets:

Medical Infusion Drug Management COM/ATL/C++/UIDesign/CPX/C# Alaris Medical Systems
Medical Medical Dictation/Transciption C/C++/CPX/Dialogic/XML/MySQL/Crypto/Java CPRDictate
Internet Streaming/Conferencing Java/J2EE//XML/SQL/JDBC Akamai Technologies/Conference
Smart Cards Developed Smart Card Library for multiple application areas C, C++/SmartCards AndAction
Biotechnology DNA homology database tools C/CPX General Atomics
Aerospace Avionics systems design, Telecommunications Payload Control Systems C++/CPX Composite Optics
Multimedia/Cable TV Voice recognition applications utilizing a 3rd party continuous speech recognition library C++ Scientific Atlanta
Engineering Simulation Tools, Testing and Control Systems Tools CPX/C++/Java/XML Tritera
Security & Crisis Management System Integration of Security System XML, JavaScript, eTeam, SecureM SAIC - Olympic Security
Data Storage Embedded web application to enterprise class virtual tape drives C/C++/Soap/Javascript/Ajax Overland Storage
Data Storage Embedded web application for RAID Product PHP/Soap/jQuery/Ajax Astute Networks
Internet Content Management Content Protection/Revenue Security - Customer Facing App Java/J2EE/jQuery/JSP/Spring/Ajax Verimatrix
Satellite TV MPEG Stream Testing App C++/MPEG/Win32 DirecTV
Cable Networks Program Guide/Services Dynamic Conversion Java/J2EE/MySQL/XML TiVo
Mobile Consumer iPhone application - Possession Objective-C, PHP, WebApp, iAD, Google Analytics Tritera
Text Analytics Web Application PHP, jQuery, Java, HTML/CSS Ai-One
Internet VOD Web Services Java, XML, JSON, CableLabs, OpenCase AT&T/Piksel
Internet Emergency Ops Web Services PHP, SOAP, WebEOC, ENS Sempra Energy