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Tritera's contracted efforts all rely on a basic set of beliefs tempered by the needs of real-world engineering. First of all, we take a systems approach to everything we do. We employ solid design/analysis techniques that drive successful Object-Oriented Development. We use and reuse what works - but are not afraid to try new approaches, tools, languages. Ultimately we have a basic, dogged almost relentless drive to get the product done on time and under budget.

We simply have a passion for building really great systems and implementing software based on thorough design and engineering practices.

Since our founding,we have had interesting custom software development and engineering contracts. We can provide software application services from concept development, requirements definition, prototype development, product design and implementation, all the way to test and deployment. Our experience and tools provide a solid foundation for developing products for almost any market.

We use the following tools:

  • Xcode for MacOSX and iOS Application Development
  • Zend Studio for PHP Web App Development
  • Eclipse IDE for Java J2EE, J2SE Development
  • VisualStudio for C/C++/C#/COM/ATL Applications development Windows
  • TestNG and EasyMock for Unit Test Design and Development for Java Applications
  • Photoshop, Illustartor, Canvas and GraphicConverter for Graphics work.
  • DreamWeaver for WebSite Management and Design.
  • Perforce for Software Configuration Management - a key element for any successful software development project. Is your team using one?
  • Xerces Parser for XML.
  • MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, SQLServer
  • PHP for various Web Application server side development
  • jQuery to augment web page development
  • BugRocket for general bug tracking
  • Perl for everything else

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